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Paddle for the Podium Clinic

Take your paddling to the next level. Get the details on this April clinic.

Go Pro at Big Winds

Free 2nd Day Shipping with the purchase of a Go Pro Hero 4 Silver Edition.

Huge SUP Sale

We're bringing you the best deals on SUP gear anywhere.

Starboard SUP Sale

We don't have all the models, but we still have the best deals around on Starboard Freerides, All Stars, Wide Points, Drives, Pro Waves, Inflatables...something for everyone! Call us at 888-509-4210 for availability and pricing. We know these boards!

Naish SUP Sale

We have the best deals in the country on a wide range of 2014 Naish SUPs including high performance Hokuas, easy surfing Manas and Nalus, cruising Glides and blazing fast Javelins. We race, surf and paddle all these boards and can set you up with the perfect new Naish for you at the best prices of the year!

Naish Hokua 8'5 GT

Big Winds GM Steve Gates in Mexico

Big Winds Private Reserve SUP Boards

Used SUP boards pampered by Big Winds employees throughout the season.

Big Winds Blog

2014 Starboard Astro Sale (Free Shipping!)

Starboard WindSUP

Sale: $1,449.00

2014 Closeout Boards

Naish Mana 8'10 GT

Sale: $1,399.00

Naish Mana 8'5 GT

Sale: $1,399.00

Naish Mana 10'0 GS

Sale: $1,099.00

Surftech Generator

Sale: $899.00

Imagine Connector

Sale: $1,899.00

Starboard Pro 8'5

Sale: $1,399.00

Naish Glide 14' GS

Sale: $1,299.00

Starboard All Star 12'6

Sale: $2,299.00

Naish Nalu 10'10 GS

Sale: $1,199.00

Naish Nalu 11'4 GS

Sale: $1,199.00

Big Winds' Steve Gates offers these helpful guidelines
to help you choose your perfect paddling setup:


Guidelines for Choosing Your New SUP Board

New to Big Winds

Patagonia Wetsuits

Blalock Downwinder

Blalock Downwinder

Check out our blog post on the best downwinder in the Eastern Gorge.

Big Winds Blog

Downwinder Safety Guidelines

Downwind Safety

These tips will help keep you safe during your downwinder adventures. Updated for 2013.

Let's Go Paddling!


Here's an informative SUP tutorial that will get you out there and having fun in no time.

The Big Winds Shop tour