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August in the Gorge
There numerous ways to take advantage of the warm water, "big winds" and Gorge swell on your SUP board. They're all here in our blog post.

Big Winds Used SUP Boards

Here is our updated list.

Big Winds' Steve Gates offers these helpful guidelines
to help you choose your perfect paddling setup:


Guidelines for Choosing Your New SUP Board

2013 Closeout Boards

Naish Mana 10'0 GT

Sale: $1,599.00

Naish Glide 14'0 GS

Sale: $1,399.00

Starboard 10'0 Whopper

Sale: $1,299.00

Blalock Downwinder

Blalock Downwinder

Check out our blog post on the best downwinder in the Eastern Gorge.

Whitewater SUP Package

Whitewater SUP Package

Here's a package for all of the whitewater SUPers out there. We have tried a number of whitewater SUP boards and nothing compares to the 2014 Starboard Astro Stream 9’6. We're offering a three piece breakdown Werner Carve adjustable paddle, the MTI Thunder R-Spec vest, a Dakine SUP Coiled Leash and a water helmet from Triple 8.

Another stoked customer:

Spent our Thanksgiving on our Tahoe SUPs...thanks again to Steve! Happy Thanksgiving!
-- Amanda C.

Big Winds Blog
Guidelines for Choosing Your New SUP Paddle

Downwinder Safety Guidelines

Downwind Safety

These tips will help keep you safe during your downwinder adventures. Updated for 2013.

Let's Go Paddling!


Here's an informative SUP tutorial that will get you out there and having fun in no time.

The Big Winds Shop tour

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program

Paddling in Oregon? If your board is 10' or longer you must have one of these permits.