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Movie Trailer spoiler alert: Happy ending!

2010 Naish Wave

2010 Naish Wave

Hmmm, it's 2014. What's up? Naish found these in a warehouse and offered them to Big Winds at a ridiculous price that we're passing on. $1300 or 65% off of a new, classic wave board. Only 64L remaining.

Naish Starship

Quatro Sphere

Naish Sails

Naish Sails

Big Winds shipping manager, Joe Morgan, at the Hatchery.

Featured Boards

Quatro Quad LS

Sale: $1,299.00

JP Australia All Ride

Sale: $1,599.00

Starboard Futura

Sale: $1,899.00

Naish Koncept

Sale: $1,399.00

Starboard Kode Wave

Sale: $1,599.00

Starboard Kode Freemove

Sale: $1,649.00

Quatro Thruster LS

Sale: $1,999.00

Quatro Freestyle Wave

Sale: $1,799.00

Another stoked customer:

A Big Thanks for the stoke Mark! It was a lot of hard work, and a lotta luck involved but somehow I came out on top!

I really have to thank those Naish Choppers. They are so light and controllable in the waves allowing me to take a huge step up in my wave sailing. I know a few people ordered a quiver of them after trying mine at Wave Jam! Thanks for the great service and supplying all the great toys!

-- Casey Treichler
Casey won the Amateur Division of the 2013 AWT Hatteras Wave Jam.

Sailworks Hucker

JP 2014

2014 JP

Starboard Board Finder

Starboard Board Finder

Choosing the right board for you has never been easier whether it's for teaching, sharing with your family and friends, blasting in and out, nailing racing jibes, throwing the latest freestyle moves, cruising in light winds or ripping waves at your local spot. Just answer a few questions and let the Starboard Board Finder do the rest!

Closeout Sails

Naish Session

Sale: $539.00

Naish Force

Sale: $369.00

Naish Rally

Sale: $529.00

Sailworks Retro

Sale: $579.00

Sailworks Revo

Sale: $399.00

Severne Blade

Sale: $279.00

Severne Blade

Sale: $249.00

Naish Force

Sale: $376.00

Naish team riders visit Hood River in this Naish TV video.

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