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2015 Windsurfing Lessons

The Hook is open for windsurfing lessons, seven days a week by reservation. Beginner windsurfing rentals are available every day from 11-5. All other windsurfing rentals are available at the shop. Call us at 888-509-4210 or 541-386-6086.

Discover Windsurfing

We have developed a two lesson introductory program which introduces all of the basic skills in windsurfing. These two hour lessons are all-inclusive and come with an hour of practice time immediately following the lesson. Please call or email to sign up.


If you have never taken a lesson before or want to learn basic skills, this is the class for you. You will be on the water in no time, learning your sailing stance, steering and basic turning.


This class refines the stance, steering and turning skills. You will learn fast tacks, pivot jibes and how to sail upwind.


Sign up for both lessons and save huge. We encourage you to space them out over a couple of days or a long weekend. Many people find a bit of practice time in between lessons to be helpful in mastering all the skills introduced in each lesson.

Beyond the Basics

Intermediate lessons are all semi-private (max two people), ensuring a ton of personal attention from your instructor. These two hour lessons are all-inclusive and come with an hour of practice time immediately following the lesson. Please call or email to sign up.


Move closer to shortboard sailing. Polish your skills and stance from the previous lessons while transitioning to a smaller board and larger sail. Beach starting and harness use will also be introduced.


After you're proficient in your basic skills, it's time to move outside the Hook. The lesson starts by learning rigging and equipment handling skills. You will then move just outside the Hook to perfect your beach starts, sail in choppier water and learn the fundamentals of water starting.


Continuing your progression outside the Hook, this lesson provides in depth coaching on rigging and deep water, water starting. Rescue techniques, wind meteorology and different equipment options (shortboards, SUP sailing and sails) are also introduced.


Sign up for all three Beyond the Basics lessons and save huge. Our Learn to Shortboard Package includes our Shortboard Basics, Beyond the Hook and Sailing the River lessons.

Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing Lessons

Private Lessons


Individualized lesson with one of our experienced instructors will accelerate your sailing to the next level. Lessons are two hours long and reservations are required. Maximum two people.

Windsurfing Lessons

Windsurfing Clinics

Our windsurfing clinics are the perfect setting to progress your skills with a group, bounce ideas off each other and meet other windsurfers. Discounted gear rental for clinic - $50 (complete package).


Dates: May 23, June 20, July 18, August 8, August 22.

Progression Session Windsurfing Clinics are designed for intermediate and advanced windsurfers to progress their skills. Whether you are trying to nail your jibes, or taking your first plunge into the river after your water start lessons, our Progression Sessions will give you the opportunity for attentive coaching in the best conditions the Gorge has to offer.

Each session is a full day event. We will meet at our shop at 9am. After a brief introduction, participants will discuss their windsurfing goals. The group will then head to the river (location depending on conditions). The clinic will combine sailing, feedback both on and off the water, dry land simulation and gear rigging/tuning advice. The clinic will end around 4pm with a recap chat and beverages provided to cap things off. Please pack your own lunch.

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Women's Clinics


Dates: July 11 - 12, August 1 - 2

These clinics, lead by long time instructor Heidi Chappel, will change your sailing forever. With a small instructor to student ratio you will be guaranteed to receive attentive instruction as you move at your own pace. You will receive rigging/tuning tips along with the opportunity demo new gear.

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Women's Clinic

Women's Clinic